Can I copy graphic excerpts from this website to put in reports or other materials? If so, how?


Yes, you may!

Copyright which usually protects the material on a website, does NOT apply to this website or any other website financed by the United States government.  American law says that all material developed with U.S.. taxpayer funds, belongs to the public without restriction.  Legally the material in all USAID financed websites is in the Public Domain.

You may use it for any purpose you wish without asking permission of anyone.

How to do it

Put your cursor anywhere on the picture or graphic you want to use.
Right Click

A menu now appears.  Each different browser has slightly different options under this menu.  


For Microsoft Internet Explorer,

Click Copy
Open destination program or change windows if the destination program is already open
Place cursor at the point in the destination document that you want to insert the graphic
Click Paste (Control V)

You may wish to keep the photo or other graphic in your photographic or other resource library.  If so,
When you right click and display the menu,
Click Save Picture As
Enter the name you wish to give the graphic & the folder in which you want to store it
Click Save

Note that the picture will be saved in your folder in whatever format it was in on the website be it .jpg, gif, .png etc.


For Apple Safari

The procedure is the same except the "Save Picture As" command reads as "Save Image As"