Can I copy text excerpts from this website to put in reports or other materials? If so, how?

Yes, you may!

Copyright which usually protects the material on a website, does NOT apply to this website or any other website financed by the United States government.  American law says that all material developed with U.S.. taxpayer funds, belongs to the public without restriction.  Legally the material in all USAID financed websites are in the Public Domain.

You may use it for any purpose you wish without asking permission of anyone.

How to do it

Select whatever text you want to use.
Copy it -- Press Control C or Click Edit Copy
Open whatever program that you want the material moved to (Usually Word)
Place the cursor where you want to insert the material
Paste it -- Press Control V or Click Edit Paste

You now have the material in your world processor.  It could just as easily have been placed in PowerPoint or any other software.