How long should a search on the website take?

The time elapsed for a search involves many factors.  The time for our Server to search the data base and find the results is normally less that a second, but for very complex searches may take 5 seconds or so. However several other things must happen before and after the Server searches the data base for you to view the results. These are: 1. Your search terms must travel over the Internet from your computer to the web server. 2. The search must be made on the server 3. The results must travel over the Internet to your computer 4. They must then be processed by your computer and by your browser 5. Then they must display through your computer's graphic processor to your screen. The time to travel over the Internet is NOT a function of distance. The electrons travel over the Internet at the speed of light--small fractions of a second to go around the world. There are several junction points (nodes) along the way that the data has to pass through. Nodes can become traffic jams. The time to get through a route depends on the amount of Bandwidth available and the quantity of traffic going through that node at that time.  Another delay at the node is caused by what else the node is doing besides just routing the data? Every additional function takes additional time. These functions might be: Analyzing the amount of your data for billing or other purpose. Prioritizing traffic. Performing a Virus or other malware check. Another set of delays is determined by the physical characteristics of your computer, such as your processor speed. When all this is added together, the total elapsed time from when you submit the search until you view the first page of the results will be from 4 to 20 seconds for most searches. A very complex, advanced search might take more time.