USAID/PHCPI Model Clinics

About the Model Clinics Initiative

The USAID/PHCPI Model Clinics initiative was established in partnership with the Iraqi Ministry of Health (MOH) to support the Ministry’s efforts to improve the quality of Primary Health Care (PHC) services. PHCPI and the MOH envision a Model Clinic as “a clinic equipped with modern medical equipment, stocked with the needed drugs and medical supplies, staffed with well-trained providers who are in compliance with MOH clinical protocols and guidelines and efficiently functioning within a reliable health system.” To achieve the shared goal of improved primary health care services, the project worked with the MOH to refurbish 36* primary health care centers (PHCCs) with the required medical equipment and supplies necessary to effectively provide the services outlined in Iraq’s Basic Health Services Package and to apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills obtained through USAID/PHCPI training and capacity building activities. Through the use of its cost share and other routine budget resources, the MOH intends to upgrade the remainder of the 298 clinics targeted under the PHCPI project to this model standard.


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