USAID/PHCPI moves forward with the implementation of the Community Partnerships, planning workshops in the provinces

After conducting two highly participative workshops on community partnerships in Baghdad and Sulaimaniyah, USAID/PHCPI held a training workshop, from May 28-31, 2012, on Community Health Partnerships, Patient’s Rights and Behavior Change Communication in Maysan province. The workshop was attended by 27 officials from the departments of health promotion, primary health care and community based initiatives. The workshop was designed to aid participants in the development of  an implementation plan for establishing Local Health Committees (LHCs) in 113 PHC centers in the six southern provinces of Iraq (Maysan,Basrah, Dhi-Qar, Najaf, Muthanna and Diwaniyah).

These LHCs are expected to be functional by October 2012. The six implementation plans were discussed with MoH Health Promotion Department and are ready for execution. Participants developed plans to disseminate the Patient’s Rights Charter in order to inform the public on its rights and responsibilities. The plans for establishment of LHCs within their corresponding PHCCs and the plan for the dissemination of patient’s rights were shared with MoH for helping in the follow-up on implementation.

Moreover, the DG of Maysan DoH participated in most of the sessions, and was an enthusiastic advocate for the concept of volunteerism in community partnership. The DG had been a big promoter of the health visitor concept which depends on the MoH’s initiative to build partnerships with the community. The Maysan DoH staff have elaborately explained their program and displayed the results of their experience in community involvement and partnership development.