USAID/PHCPI to pilot new medical records in participating clinics

USAID/PHCPI hosted a special workshop on Medical Records from May 6-8, 2012.  During this workshop, 35 representatives from various Ministry of Health technical divisions, as well as provincial leaders from Maysan, Basrah, Babel, Rusafa and Karkh reviewed the proposed unified medical records.  These unified medical records would take the place of the more than three dozen records currently in use in the Iraqi health system.  They are designed to improve patient outcomes by reducing duplication and waste and ensuring that health care providers have all of the necessary information to make the best decisions for their patients.     The participants agreed to pilot the new medical records in selected PHC clinics for 3-6 months, after which, if successful, the new system will be implemented across all of the project’s 360 target clinics.